10 Office Automation Tips for Startups

We are made to automate! Office automation tips for startups.

Office Automation Tips for Startups

Automation is crucial in order to be ahead of your competitors. It is also important if you plan to run a successful startup. The faster you start, the higher chance of your success is. I have prepared a list of 10 office automation tips for startups that you can implement immediately.

Note: the examples are based on make.com platform. If you register to Make using this link you will automatically receive 1 month of the Pro plan with 10,000 operations for free!

1. Get an email for new Google Forms submissions

If you plan to use google forms as a survey then receiving email notifications when a new submission appears can be beneficial! You can create automation like that using just two blocks in make.com. Watch the video below!

2. Create Trello cards from new Google Sheets spreadsheet rows

Trello is a visual tool that empowers your team to manage any type of project, workflow, or task tracking. It helps you keep your job organised. While google spreadsheet is a great way to keep everything in order, Trello may upgrade your work style. Watch the video below!

3. Post to multiple Facebook pages at once

Third office automation tip for startups. If you manage many facebook pages at once, you will find it useful! First of all you will be able to post your messages simultaneously. Secondly, you will do it quicker. Thirdly, you will remove the possibility of forgetting about posting something. Learn now!

4. Schedule Facebook posts using Trello

If you want to keep your Facebook posts scheduled then you can easily do so. You can use Trello to organise your work and once a task is completed just move it to the proper list and automation will do the rest of the work. It doesn’t have to be limited to Facebook only! Watch a video example to learn how to schedule your social media posts!

5. Save emails attachments to cloud

Fifth office automation tip for startups. You may want to backup all the attachments that are sent to your mailbox. Or you may simply want to collect particular ones and immediately share with the team (for example share invoices with finances). Sign up to the newsletter and get full video instruction on how to implement it!

6. Watch for changes on a Google Sheet data and instantly email it

If you work in a team it is mostly impossible to follow up with everything. Especially if you work in a dynamic environment. You can use automation to let you know about updates in Google spreadsheets. Follow the video below to learn how to do it!

7. Get new emails to Slack

If you are a Slack user then you may find it useful! Every time you receive a new email, the bot will automatically post that email to Slack. Follow the video below and learn how to do it!

Not sure what slack is? Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. It is designed specifically for the office,

8. Automate Data Collection – email segmentation

List segmentation is one of the pillars of successful email marketing. It gives you the power to send relevant, timely messages to the people who actually want to read them. But in order to create segmented lists in most email marketing platforms, you need to manually build them by selecting the criteria that you want to filter your lists by. Not anymore – automate them. Watch the video below and learn how to implement it.

9. Manage social media automatically

Ninth office automation tip for startups. You can send messages to your social media channels automatically.  You can have everything prepared in advance and scheduled. You will not need to worry about anything anymore. Sign up to the newsletter to learn how to manage your social media automatically!

10. Automated agreements

Paperwork Automation helps you to have everything in order and on time. How Can I Automate Paperwork? To become a paperless office you will need a platform like make.com. Thanks to applications like make.com you can build automation workflows and connect many applications and allow them to exchange information without your involvement! Learn how to automate paperwork.

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10 Office Automation Tips for Startups

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