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Main takeaways

  • Sending emails via newsletter gives you more flexibility
  • Having your own mailing list removes the possibility of losing connection with your audience if a social media channel is blocked or banned
  • You can segment your emails, so users will get only relevant information
Grow business with automation

Building a proper mailing list seems to be strongly neglected by many organizations. A lot of effort and focus goes into building social media channels, which is not a bad idea. However, building a mailing list allows you to be more flexible with the content you want to send and build relationships with users quicker. This is where ActiveCampaign automation can help!

ActiveCampaign Overview

ActiveCampaign is an email automation platform that helps businesses connect and engage with customers. The platform is user friendly and allows to build complex workflows based on a variety of different criterias. You can for example send emails to particular groups based on their answers or actions in the past. Everything is automatically performed through predefined triggers.

How does ActiveCampaign automation work?

ActiveCampaign automation allows sending emails to users who will sign up to the mailing list. Every user who will decide to join the newsletter will receive emails messages based on predefined criterias.

It helps you to build your audience and interact with the community via emails. You can also tag your users, so they will receive emails that are relevant for them which minimize risk of spam.

For example, if you send a message to the user and this user will take action and interact with the message (click the link, open the message) then it can trigger another action.

To understand it better you can sign up to the newsletter below and receive automated emails. Once you sign up you will get access to a free ebook!

Computer tasks automation E-book

Why to use ActiveCampaign?

There are numerous advantages of using ActiveCampaign automation.  The number one reason is to build your own audience, so you can communicate with your followers directly. However, it is not only limited to collecting email addresses.

An automation-first approach to build trust

You can use email automation platforms to build relationships with your community. It is important to make sure that your audience will receive content that is valuable and useful.

Thanks to high quality platforms like ActiveCampaign you can be sure that the user experience on the other side will be positive. ActiveCampaign takes care of all the important aspects like (not limited to):

  • Spam check
  • Making sure that email content meets global standards
  • Allow users to unsubscribe or edit their preference

Sales automation helps you sell more products

Once you build your audience and trust with your community you can use the mailing system to sell your products. It works similar to paid ads, however it costs you nothing apart from time spent to build the audience. Potential customers are more likely to buy your product if you already established a relationship with them.

Send exactly what your contacts want

Thanks to properly built email automation you can send content that is relevant to particular users. You can for example understand your client better through the email journey and only provide information that can be specifically interesting for this person. You can keep asking whether this person would like to receive emails on different topics and if agrees then you can add this user to another workflow or assign new tags.

Automation gives time back to you

No doubt, it takes time to build a good email automaton system. However, once it is built it can be repeated all over again. Imagine you would like to send email manually to every person who is potentially interested in your product. It is time consuming and prone to errors.

On the other hand, automated emails will always be sent to users immediately, based on predefined criterias, which minimize the risk of changing his or her mind to proceed further with taking the actions.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan Overview

ActiveCampaign is a good product, but good products are often not cheap. In this case ActiveCampaign seems to be a reasonable solution as it allows you to select membership according to your needs. You can select which features are the most valuable to you and adjust the price based on your audience size.

ActiveCampaign Lite Plan

ActiveCampaign Plus Plan

Everything from Lite Plan and more.

ActiveCampaign Professional Plan

Everything from Plus Plan and more.

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan

Everything from Professional Plan and more.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans Features Comparison

You can find the full, graphical features comparison here.

ActiveCampaign for beginners

Active campaign is a complex, but not a complicated tool to use. You can find a lot of information on the internet on how to use ActiveCampaign. Although there are multiple materials available you can follow the automation tutorial below.

ActiveCampaign Automation Tutorial


ActiveCampaign is a powerful platform which helps to manage emails automatically. There are a variety of different tools on the market, however personally I found this one the most efficient and user-friendly. It offers all the necessary features like: user tags, build automation workflows, many useful triggers and allows you to customize its sign in forms.

While other tools offer the initial services for free you may find out that in the long run you will pay more as your audience will grow. It also starts to be tricky if you decide to migrate to another platform while you already build a community around you or your business.

While this powerful tool is not for free, it is worth mentioning that it offers the best user experience for all users involved.

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Grow your business with activecampaign automation

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