How Can I Automate Paperwork And Save Time?

We are made to automate! How can I automate paperwork?

Main takeaways

  • Provided agreement automation solution is 100% free!
  • More paperwork you have, the more efficient and cheaper automation will be.
  • You can use form automation to fill contacts and agreements.
  • Paperwork automation allows you to work 24/7, with no breaks.
How Can I Automate Paperwork And Save Time

Nowadays it is crucial to Automate Paperwork due to the rapid, dynamic lifestyle and impatient customers. The question is how can I automate Paperwork? Fortunately, along with technological development many automation softwares are available as well. Let’s learn how to use them based on real example.

How To Become A Paperless Office?

Paperwork plays a big part in every organisation. It is not really liked by anyone, however, important to have everything properly stored and organized. The tricky part is that it is never well organized. I can count many reasons why organizations have proper paperwork organization. Let’s name some of them:

  • Employees don’t care,
  • New employees, which means new behaviors and working ideas;
  • The organization grows, evolves or changes its direction.

Paperwork Automation helps you to have everything in order and on time. How Can I Automate Paperwork? To become a paperless office you will need a platform like Thanks to applications like you can build automation workflows and  connect many applications and allow them to exchange information without your involvement!

Is it time to automate paperwork?

The reality is that most of the companies are now seeking paperwork automation solutions. The faster you start, the better you will perform compared to your competition.

Customers are now seeking good quality services with fast response time, therefore it is a great idea to take advantage of that and be ahead of your competition. You can basically start now.

How can form automation tools help your business?

You can use forms or surveys to collect data from your customers and use it to prepare dedicated messages or offers. Below you can find a few arguments why you should automate paperwork.

Automation is cheaper

If you calculate time you spend on performing daily, repetitive tasks you may understand that they are expensive. Your time is valuable and you should consider it while calculating costs of performing tasks.

Many softwares are free of charge. Even though they have limitations you can build quite advanced automation workflows, which will reduce the time you spend to perform tasks. It is a great way to start your automation journey.

Automation is faster

You may be a very efficient person. No doubt you are! However, it is impossible to work 24 hours, 7 days a week at a constant pace. Having many ongoing tasks requires us to remember them and perform on time. Also, human beings are getting tired which causes errors and slow performance. Automation removes all these disadvantages resulting in much faster work.

Automation improves employee satisfaction

Employees are often more excited if they can focus on tasks that they like to do. Paperwork is monotonous and wearisome work. Let workflow management do this sort of job in order to increase employees’ motivation.

How Automated Forms Processing Works?

Automated form processing can go through the entire process of scanning a document to extract data to deliver it into a back-end system. It is a very efficient  process that is more valuable the more forms you need to get through.

Moreover, you can perform more actions like calculations and analyzing data that was collected during the form processing.

Paperwork Automation can also fill in the forms as per submitted information.

Real-life Examples Of Form Processing

As previously mentioned you can use form processing automation for filling a document. In this case I will show you how to fill a generic recommendation letter using google form, google sheet, google doc and

An example below presents a text excerpt from a generic recommendation letter.

  1. Firstly, a google form has to be submitted with information.
  2. All the submissions are saved in google spreadsheet.
  3. Based on collected information from google spreadsheet highlighted windows are filled in with relevant data.
  4. The whole letter is sent directly to the email address provided in the google form.
How Can I Automate Paperwork And Save Time

How Can I Automate Paperwork [VIDEO EXAMPLE]

Watch the video below to learn how to implement paperwork automation via

You can find more examples here.


Answering the question  “How Can I Automate Paperwork” isn’t an easy one.

The reality is that having properly done paperwork automation requires lots of effort and time because every case has to be approached individually.

On the other hand, once you invest money and time into a properly automated workflow, then you can take advantage of that for many years which will reduce overall cost to minimum.

I would highly recommend starting with small steps if you are still concerned about automation.

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How Can I Automate Paperwork And Save Time?

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