What is AgoraPulse?

We are made to automate! What is AgoraPulse?

Main takeaways

  • AgoraPulse is a social media management software that allows you to stay organised and easily manage your social media accounts
  • Software shows your comments, ad comments, mentions, conversations, and reviews, so it is easier to manage your social media accounts
  • The software allows you to label your fans and followers 
What is agorapulse

Having organised social media is a big challenge. Posting a couple times a day can be exhausting and sometimes you can simply forget about publishing your posts. Fortunately, there are automation tools available like AgoraPulse. What is AgoraPulse?  It is an easy to use social media management software that allows you to stay organised, save time, easily manage your inbox, publishing, reporting and more!

AgoraPulse overview

AgoraPulse is a user-friendly software that helps you to manage multiple social media accounts. You can consider it as a hub for your social media. No doubt it is difficult to manage many social media accounts simultaneously, not to mention reply to all the messages and comments you receive. AgoraPulse allows you to have all this information in one place which significantly increases your efficiency and helps you to focus on responding to your community. Software’s inbox shows your comments, ad comments, mentions, conversations, and reviews relating to each of your social accounts. On top of that you are able to try the AgoraPulse pro plan for free to check whether it works for you.

What does AgoraPulse do?

AgoraPulse allows you to perform many activities like:

  • Variety of ways to publish content
  • Schedule a post by clicking on the appropriate time slot
  • Bulk publish feature which lets you import a series of posts from a CSV file, a website using RSS feeds, or as a group of pictures to transform into posts
  • Follow your comments, ad comments, mentions, conversations, and reviews relating to each of your social accounts
  • Take a close look at your fans and followers
  • Label your fans and followers however you like, view your past activity with them, and add relevant notes
  • Provides an extensive array of reports

As for now you can use the software to manage:

What is agorapulse

Is AgoraPulse easy to use?

AgoraPulse is a very comprehensive software, however it is not difficult to use. While opening the account the software asks you for company/usage specifics, so it can guide you to a suitable membership plan. On top of that, the software provides many video tutorials which help to navigate through the software and explain how to use builtin features (image below). Customer service is responding quickly and answers the questions in an easy to understand way.

What is agorapulse

What Is AgoraPulse App?

Apart from the web platform that is very easy to use, you can also download the AgoraPulse app on your mobile. Personally I am not a big fan of mobile devices and I prefer to see everything on a bigger screen, but the app works for me well. The application is uncomplicated and easy to use. You can easily get access to your inbox, social media profiles and reports within just one click.

What is agorapulse

AgoraPulse Pricing

AgoraPulse provides 4 pricing options. You can use the software for free, however your account will be limited to 3 social media channels. If you need to use more social media accounts then you can upgrade your account to pro, premium or enterprise plan. You can try the pro version to check if it works fine for you, however your account will be back to free plan if you will not decide to pay for subscription. Here is the link to full pricing.

Can I use AgoraPulse for free?

Yes, you can use AgoraPulse for free if you decide to choose a free plan Your account will be limited to 3 social media channels and 1 user. It can be sufficient for startups or small businesses. You will have a chance to upgrade your plan at any time. 

You can also use alternative options. Click here to get examples of social media automation and more!

How does Agorapulse’s pricing work?

AgoraPulse offers monthly or annual memberships. If you decide to pay monthly then you will have a chance to stop your subscription at any time, but you will need to pay more for the services. Choosing annual membership allows you to use the software for a 12 months period at a lower price.

How to use AgoraPulse?

In order to open an AgoraPulse account you will need to register first. Once you register your account you will be able to link it with your social media profiles. Adding a new social media account is relatively easy as you only need to link them together. Once you add at least one of your social media profiles you will be able to follow the instructions that show you step by step how to like items, schedule a post, upload library assets and export reports. You will only need to follow the steps provided in the instruction.

AgoraPulse application example

As a part of exercise I will show you how to add a new social media profile, find the instructions explaining how to navigate within the software and schedule a post. Follow the video below to learn how to use the software.


AgoraPulse does everything you can wish for in a social media management program. You can instantly react to newest posts, mentions, comments, likes within a few clicks. You don’t need it to sit in front of the computer, as you can also use the native app to manage your social media profiles.

The video instructions are very handy as they explain how to use the software. It is very useful especially if you have never used similar softwares or have never had the opportunity to automate anything before.

The customer service is responding fast and answering the questions with all the details to make sure that your request has been resolved.

The only disadvantage is pricing, however you can still use the limited free plan and try the pro plan for 1 month for free.

Are you looking for an alternative to AgoraPulse? Learn how to manage your social media automatically and more [EXAMPLES].

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What is AgoraPulse?

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