What is Expensify?

We are made to automate! What is Expensify?

Main takeaways

  • Expensify is an all-in-one expense management solution for individuals and businesses.
  • It provides features such as one-click receipt scanning, real-time expense tracking, and integration with other business tools.
  • It is secure, user-friendly, and offers flexible pricing options.
What is expensify

Expensify is an all-in-one expense management solution that helps individuals and business owners streamline their expenses and automate the expense report process. This app provides a simple and user-friendly platform to track and organise expenses, receipts and invoices.

Expense Tracking with Expensify

App makes expense tracking easy with its one-click receipt scanning feature. You can take a picture of your receipts and the app will automatically extract the important information such as vendor, amount, date and categorise the expense for you. You can also manually input expenses and track them in real-time.

Who Uses Expensify?

It is used by individuals, small and large businesses, freelancers, and organisations across different industries. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee, or business owner, it provides an efficient solution for managing and organising expenses.

Expensify Perks

Expensify offers a range of perks including integration with other business tools such as QuickBooks, automatic currency conversion, and a smart scan feature that automatically categorises expenses. Additionally, the app provides real-time expense tracking and reporting, making it easier to stay on top of your finances.

Is Expensify Safe to Use?

The app uses bank-level encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect users’ data and financial information. The app is also PCI-compliant, ensuring that sensitive financial information is stored securely.

Expensify Pricing

Expensify offers flexible pricing options, including a free plan for individual users, and paid plans for businesses and organisations. The pricing is based on the number of users and the features required.


In summary, it is a powerful expense management solution that provides users with an easy and efficient way to track and manage expenses. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, it provides a safe and user-friendly platform for organising and automating your expenses.

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What is Expensify?

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