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Why Is Automation Good For You? - MadeToAutomate

Why is automation good for you?

We are made to automate! Why is automation good for you?

Main Takeaway

  • Boring and repetitive tasks can be frustrating, but you can use bots to do them.
  • Automation helps you to prioritise your time, because you aren’t overwhelmed by many small tasks.
  • You can instantly automate news search tool, mailbox and  desktop repetitive tasks.

Automation is commonly used in a variety of different disciplines. When we think of automation we picture robots that are moving parts and replacing jobs that used to be done by humans  (at least, I do). However, automation means something more and I would like to introduce you to a few examples that you can use on daily basis.

Why is automation good for you

Before getting into specific tasks you can automate, let’s answer the question why it is so important?

Why is automation important?

Saves your time

Most importantly it saves your time. Think of yourself as a wealthy person. Considering you have plenty of money on you I would assume that you would like to outsource all the things that you do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to someone. You will no longer do the dishes, iron clothes or throw rubbish to the bin. While not many of us can afford to do so, you can still start somewhere. Bot automation will help you outsource some tasks for free.

Helps to prioritise your time

Secondly, automation allows you to focus on things that are more important to you. Again, let’s picture it. CEOs of the company are usually outsourcing tasks from the very beginning, so they can quicker isolate themselves from the enterprise and it still works fine without their presence on a daily basis. They can spend this time focusing on how to grow the business. If they focus on sending invoices or typing data into excel they won’t be able to focus on finding new customers or thinking about new product launches. It is about prioritisation.

Your mind is free

Thirdly, you can simply do more during one day. Automating tasks is like hiring an assistant. While you work on something the bot performs other jobs in the meantime, so there is no delay. A well programmed robot can work 24/7, so the tasks are completed even when you are sleeping. Ultimately, that is the goal – automate your life, so your mind is free.

What can I automate now?

While I understand that not everyone has to be a CEO of a big company and some of the above mentioned examples may sound silly,  I strongly believe that you care about your time. In contrast to money, time can’t be returned to you or regained. Once it passes, it is gone. 

Maybe instead of growing a business you just want to have time to play a game or spend time with family. Automation gives you this opportunity, while tasks are still completed in the background.

It is easier said than done – that’s true. It requires some time from you to organise it. Thankfully, I got some examples you can implement right away!

Automate your mailbox

It is super simple. You just need to create a filter that will move messages directly to bin based on particular words or email addresses. Personally, I can’t understand how someone can have 999+ messages in the mailbox. It just makes you feel bad because you have so much to read. Even worse if you want to find something.

Automated News Search Tool

How much time do you spend watching news on a daily basis? Either you spend zero or a lot. Still, whether you want or not you must consume information. 

It is the 21st century – you can’t run away from it. Instagram, twitter, TikTok you name it. But you can filter them, so you will receive information on topics that are interesting for you. 


As you can see automation can bring a lot of value. To the companies it brings faster work progress and less costs. It can also help individuals to save valuable time.

Most importantly you can start upgrading your life now.

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Why Is Automation Good For You?

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